Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cape Town day 3....felt like Hawaii

Today we found a deserted white sand blue water beach. It was amazing. You had to hike through white sand for quite a while to get there but it was so clear and blue. The water was on the Atlantic side (cause CT is on a peninsula, you can swim in the Indian and Atlantic ocean) which is the FREEZING water side. The Indian is like bathwater in comparison! But it was so awesome & beautiful.

We found this mini lighthouse, so cute! It kinda looks like a huge one in the distance with the perspective.

Clint taking Noah for his first feel of the water.....sooooo cold!

Kerry & Cait soaking up the sun, & sunblock, it was so hot!

Its so fun taking a toddler anywhere cause their face totally exudes exactly how they feel inside. Noah loves toddling around looking at shells and pointing at, well, everything in sight.

We were pretty much the only people on the beach

Since the water was way colder on the Atlantic side all the surfers were wearing full wetsuits including hats and boots and gloves. The water was so cold while taking this shot that my feet were totally numb. It felt like snow water!

Two more months till our little girl will join us in becoming a beach bum!

Striking a pose

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Mommy Roth said...

I can almost feel the sun on my face. Noah has such cute legs, just want to squeeze them.