Friday, December 05, 2008

Christmas is coming....

Since we had two end of year Christmas parties at our house this week, one for our young adults Bible study, and one for the Home Group Clint teaches we made our house look extra Christmas-y this week. When I got out the box with the tree in it Noah looked VERY confused, but that soon turned into much curiosity. He likes the baby Jesus on the nativity the best and often points to it, or brings it to me. Yesterday I found baby Jesus in my bedside cabinet :) Hmm, wonder how it got there?

Setting up the tree just before his bedtime!

Checking out all the ornaments
The kids at our church did a Christmas Carol night this week, and it totally reminded me of "A Charlie Brown Christmas." One kid read from Luke 2 and everything. It was awesome. Clint also got to preach the gospel to all the parents/friends that came.

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