Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Cape Town day 2

Today we went to the most amazing cafe called "Olympia Cafe" in Kalk's Bay for breakfast. It reminded me of the cafes in France, and it had a view of the ocean. They sold my favorite pastry (a choc chip croissant) and yummy coffee.
How amazing does this cappuccino look? As yummy as it tasted.
The amazing French Toast Croissant with bacon, banana & maple syrup. Yum

Noah liked the breakfast too :) He was only giving silly faces this morning!

Awesome view driving around singing to the Mamma Mia soundtrackThe amazing Martha Stewart quiche Kerry and Cait made for dinner :)

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Beth Mack said...

You should try Melissa's coffee while you are in Cape Town. Its the best I've had.