Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cape Town part 4

So....Cape Town feels sometimes so much like California that 4x today I ended up walking to the wrong side of the car for the passenger seat! :) That hasn't happened since I first moved here 3 years ago. Crazyness.

False Bay

We had the most amazing fish & chips at this place on the harbor

Cute tugboat in the harbor
We went shopping on the Waterfront, Table Mountain is behind us. There is often a white cloud on top of Table Mountain (like the one in the photo) that they call the "tablecloth" pretty cool.
And Noah said his first sentence today. "More juice!" Kerry and Cait heard it too, so it wasn't just me! It's the first time he's said either of these words, he usually signs them, so it was fun hearing two words together he's never said before. He also said "night night" before his bedtime tonight, so fun!

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