Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fun with Flossing, Flashlights, and Flies

I thought I'd always fight with my toddler to brush his teeth, but Noah loves it. He wants to brush his teeth for like 15 minutes after I brush them. Today he sat on the rocking chair in his room brushing away.
Getting to those back teeth.....
Loving it 15 minutes later....
Then while folding the laundry Noah played with our huge flashlight. He does this like once a day and loves turning it off and on.

And then played rolly polly on our bed :)

We have tons of flies in our house all the time cause of the horses next door (they are awesome horses to look at, so its worth the flies) but anyway, Clint and Noah almost every night have "Fly Hunting" time. Noah thinks this is quite hilarious, and watches daddy swat flies with great belly laughs. Then Clint joins Noah in the fun.
The Fly Hunting usually takes place on the ceiling (its where they love to escape the Dynamic Fly Swatting Duo)

Then Noah afterwards will take the swatter quite pleased with himself
And walk around the house with great "effort" noises with each swat and "WHAP!" He pauses, and then with all his might will do a great big "WHAP!" against something, chatting the whole time. Sometimes he will find his sunglasses and put them on in the middle of an activity... :) Stevie Wonder style.


Anonymous said...


You put our blog, The Roth's, as one of your links. Thanks. I ate at Kate's the other day with a client. I realize you didn't work there under the new ownership. But it is still the same building and it is still Owensmouth. It reminded me to pray for you and Clint. Take Care

Steve Roth

Emily Ban said...

How funny? Sammy likes to brush his teeth too. When I go to put the toothbrush in his mouth he sign "please" because he wants to brush his own teeth.

cynthia said...

Your baby is adorable, as always! You know about room sharing... Since we only have two bedrooms upstairs, we knew the kids would share eventually, but before Jesse was 1 year old, he pretty much shared with us. That's because it took him that long to sleep through the night (and that was because I finally broke down and sleep trained). So for those middle of the night feedings, etc, Phoebe was never bothered, and Jesse took naps in our room. So when Jesse moved to the "Kids' Room" he went to a crib, but as soon as he could, they were in bunk beds. They LOVE sharing a room at this point. Jesse gets really bummed these days when Phoebe gets silent reading instead of naptime. He wants her in there with him. :) I'm sure it won't always be like that! And before we know it, we'll have to make other arrangements! But for now, it's a great situation. And we still have our guest room down stairs. :)