Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Beach Bum

This last Monday was so hot it felt like early summer, so we headed off to the beach. This was Noah's second time, and I think we will be heading there way more often cause he loves it so much!

Relaxing in the shade before braving that burning hot sandy walk to the water :)

Noah has absolutely NO FEAR of the waves. He'd toddle straight for them, and then laugh when they hit him. I think we have a future surfer on our hands. I love his little wetsuit. It's even got a sunblock layer, so cool.

When we got tired of the water we brought him back to land to play with his bucket and spade

But he would look so longingly at the water

And then make a break for it (this happened like 10X)

So we'd have more fun splashing in the waves

such glee. Can we come back?

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