Sunday, September 14, 2008

Creative ways...

Being the mom of a one year old takes some serious creative thinking to keep your child safely occupied while you do basic things that you need to get done (scrubbing the bathroom, using the loo etc etc.) when there are no siblings to watch him. (I think maybe I'm just not efficient enough during his naptimes!) When I hang up the laundry in our courtyard, there is no safe way to see Noah. If I put him in the courtyard while hanging stuff, there are trash cans, and our braii and other stuff he can knock on himself. (and that are gross and dirty) but after one hot day in his swimsuit playing with the hose, he's now facinated that water comes out of such a thing and its just outside our courtyard. And he loves playing with it just long enough for me to finish hanging the last piece of laundry. yippee! (And he's just cute playing with it)!

"Where's all the fun water mom?"
What are some creative things you guys do with your kiddos during "I need to get x done" times? (Besides the basic video watching/highchair methods)?

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