Monday, September 22, 2008

Like a kid before Christmas

We find out if its a boy or girl tomorrow. I can't wait! Oh I hope the baby cooperates!

Does anyone have advice to share on same room vs. separate rooms for your baby/older kiddo? We have another bedroom for baby #2, but we use it all the time as a guest room so I was thinking of keeping it a guest room and having them share. But what do you do with naptimes, 2am feeds, and crying baby when Noah sleeps through etc. etc?

Speaking of using our guestroom we just had Tim Cantrell and Neil Anderson stay with us over the weekend, and Tim preached in our church for Clint. It was so fun having them in our home, and hearing stories about their churches!

Why is it not tomorrow yet? I don't know how these people wait till the birth!


Heather said...

can't wait to find out! :) I don't have any experience with sharing rooms yet but what if you did do separate rooms and when guests come, just move the baby out for the visit? We do that and use an air mattress for guests or give them our room and use the air mattress ourselves!

Mommy Roth said...

Sharing has worked for us. Jack has always slept in his big boy crib in Carter's room, minus the first couple nights home. Carter our oldest who shares a room is a pretty heavy sleeper so we knew it would not bother him too much. The only drawback is we don't let him cry it out at night for too long if he has trouble getting back to sleep. Katy on the other hand didn't sleep well till 10 weeks and would cry a lot at night so she slept in a Plack n' Play in our dining room till she was sleeping longer hours. Pack n' Plays also work well for naps if you need them to be in separate rooms, which I did for Katy. When she was young and took a morning nap and I wanted Carter to be able to play in his room since our condo was small. Our children were sad when they had to get their own rooms when we moved to a house. Kids adjust to whatever you throw at them. All you can do is try and have a plan B. I have learned that nothing ever lasts forever and you can always change your mind if something isn't working.

We'll be praying that all goes well at your Dr. apt today and the baby cooperates =)!