Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Church Picnic

Last Wednesday was a public holiday (Heritage Day, or National Braai Day) so our church got together for a picnic. Whats cool about our church being just over 200 people is that you can have all church events! The last two years picnics were canceled cause of rain, so we were so glad for a clear day. It was so much fun, we should do church fun things way more often.

Everyone braai-ing their meat (so much meat!)

Noah and Daddy by the fire.

Everyone enjoying some lunch & fellowship

Noah hanging out with Celia and Vicky

Our church picnic was at a nature reserve, and they had some cute animals. This one was Noah's favorite, a Dika (its a little deer that when fully grown comes to Noah's knees). This one was totally tame, and very cute!

And they had an bird conservatory. Noah loved looking at all the ducks

Checking out all the birdies with Liz (Liz is due the same day as me in Feb!)

Two of my favorite birds we saw, both with fohawks!

Noah and I looking at the birdies. When Lyle said "smile" Noah put on his silly scrunchy smile face. Silly guy.

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