Monday, January 14, 2008

So this morning at 6am I get up and randomly look out the window to see if its raining, and as soon as I look out, KERBOOM! The brightest light I've ever seen along with the loudest thunder EVER! It was soo weird cause there was no lightning before and I think the lightning hit our property cause the sound and light happened simultaneously. So scary, especially when your still kinda half asleep! :) The weather is so weird now. Its SUPER hot, but raining.

And our house is starting to take shape now. They've ordered all our tiles for the bathroom/kitchen and our cupboards and kitchen is in! So its starting to feel more like a home. We can't wait!

We are now into "The Office." Warren and JJ lent us their copy, and we are hooked. So now we are on Season 2 of the office, and season 3 of 24. We get 4 channels for free in SA but they are terrible. (take for example a few nights ago our choices were like, Walker Texas Ranger, something in Afrikaans, something in Zulu, etc. etc.) so its so great actually being able to watch what everyone was talking about like 2 years ago. :) So we are a little behind the times, but loving it.

These are random videos of Noah for the grandparents! I love 8 months cause everyday he seems to learn something new. He's now learned "shaky face" so when we say it he shakes his head back and forth. We think its hilarious cause we do "shaky face" photos with Cornerstone, and its his first thing he can copycat us on. He can now do it on command :)

This one is kinda dark, but Noah LOVES Tobi our cat, and his face lights up and he grabs for her whenever he sees her. I'm FORCING Tobi to be near Noah so he can have some fun. Whenever I say "Where's Tobi?" he looks on the ground for her all over.

And one of the first times he said "momma." His bib says "power drool" i love it! He also says "dadda" now but I haven't caught it on video yet.


Melissa said...

those are the cutest videos; i was cracking up at that first one! he's such a cutie and reminds me of cael in some ways. i love how he's kind of chubby too, chubby babies are cutest!!

Emily Ban said...

It's so much fun for me to watch all the milestones Noah reaches and makes me excited for all the things Sam will do in the near future.Sam makes the "mama" sound but I'm not real sure it's with intent.Your little Noah is so cute.