Tuesday, January 08, 2008

8 Months Old!

After bathtime in his Pooh towel that he got for Christmas from Grannie Anne. Too cute!

Laughing after his bath in daddy's office

At 8 months he's starting to understand how toys work (instead of putting the book straight in his mouth, he actually turns the pages) His favorite toy at the moment is a Pooh book that talks and lights up when you turn the pages or push the buttons (from my parents, thanks!)

And he LOVES his bath time...especially the toys. I usually let him play until the water turns cold cause he loves it so much. He likes taking the sail off his boat and splashing with all his might. :)

First finger foods!
Looking for the last two cereal stars....where'd they go?While changing him I usually give him a bottle of lotion or whatever is lying around to play with...and he usually wants to hold onto it for a while. It's very sweet. His ham smile that looks fake, but is totally genuine :)
At 8 months:
His favorite food is mashed pears, or munching on toast crusts. He loves Tobi our cat, especially her tail. He loves to jump when you hold him up. He loves being tossed in the air. His favorite games are peek-a-boo, and the finger poke game (where I come at him from afar and poke him in different spots, he laughs so hard!) His favorite song is "knick knack paddy wack" that I end up singing cause its written on one of his blankets, it always is received with big smiles. Currently I'm trying to teach him not to touch his bowl or spoon when I'm feeding him (he's almost got that one down! and it saves on the mess) and not to touch my coffee cup (he's fascinated with cups). I'm glad he's not crawling yet, our lives are about to change real soon. So I'm enjoying the non-mobile stage where I can just leave him to play and know that he'll be safe if I'm close by. :) I pray almost every day for wisdom on how to raise this little guy!


Melissa said...

noah is sooooo cute! i completely agree with you in being content with them being non-mobile for now! i was talking with a friend who has a one year old and she said it became so much harder when he started crawling; your parenting takes on a whole new level. so for now, it is super nice to leave them in one spot and know they'll be in relatively the same place when you return!

Heather said...

Happy Birthday to YOU! I hope you have a great birthday :)

Noah is so adorable and I wish I could meet him in person!

Drew & Erica said...

Kim -
What a cutie - I especially like the pic with the cereal stuck to his face! So, since you have an American accent & Clint has a SA accent, do you think Noah will have a SA accent or not when he starts talking??