Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Random stuff...

Our house is finally taking shape! The outside is painted, and they are currently painting the inside, and putting in the tile in the bathrooms/kitchen. It's starting to look more like a home, we can't wait!

Everyone told us when you build you have to visit the site almost every day to check for mistakes. They were totally right. (Our kitchen cupboards were skew with the wall, etc. etc. I won't bore you with the details!) but its been fun going down almost every day to see the progress. We've had to be quite "hard core" with our builder to make sure everything is done properly. This is the little island in the kitchen leading in to the livingroom (the skeleton of the cupboards are there, granite will go on top).
Noah is finally loving being on his tummy...the only time he'd really complain is if we put him on his tummy, he hated it! But now that he can move around a bit he's enjoying it! He was rocking back and forth the other night, so crawling is definitely coming soon.

He seems like such a "boy" to me now, and less of a baby. He loves being outside getting his fingers in the mud & grass and he cracks up laughing if we fake cough or burp (totally a boy thing to do!)

I just made an awesome discovery. Back in LA the one thing that was a staple in the Archer refrigerator was Coffeemate vanilla creamer for our coffee. Clint has this thing for anything vanilla, and nothing would necessitate a trip to the grocery store more than if we were out of it! Its made by Nestle, and they actually have Nestle products in SA, but no coffeemate (to our great dismay.) BUT they just came out with this product here called "Mmmilk." Its soooo good! Its just milk with added vanilla and its awesome straight, and adds a bit of vanilla to our coffee. So thats our new staple in our fridge. :)

A new pet peeve of mine is restaurants/stores without changing room facilities for babies. I don't think I've ever changed Noah on a real changing table, I always have to do it on the floor on a blanket in the restroom, and I think its sooo gross! So I just found a grocery store that has one, and I only shop there now, just to support them :)

Clint is going to start preaching through my favorite book of the Bible, 1st Peter. I can't wait! But because we have a cry room at our church, its hard to listen to the sermon while watching Noah and there being a bunch of other babies/moms in the room. It's so distracting! Plus his naptime starts when church starts, but napping never happens in the cry room. Nuts! So I've been trying to listen to them again or at least chat to Clint about the sermon to make sure I caught everything. I'm still getting used to not having my full attention in church! Oh! And my new Bible reading time is when Noah eats his finger foods (it takes him quite a while, and he loves it!) I just sit at the table with him, and read while he munches away. It's one of my favorite times of the day.

And we just finished season 2 of The Office, how killer is that final episode? :-) My favorite part are the deleted scenes, cause they are usually funnier than the actual show!


Abby & Andrew said...

Your house looks great!! It's really starting to come together. They started digging the foundation out for ours..so it is going to be awhile, but we are excited!! Noah looks adorable, I think he looks just like you!

Heather said...

I totally am having to get used to not having my full attention at church when Georgie's not in the nursery! It's so strange!

The house is looking great!

You know what's funny? Here, we've found that even in some MEN'S restrooms they have changing tables! ha! :)

Melissa said...

i can totally relate to not having full attention while cael is not in the nursery at church. and i hate restrooms without changing tables. and those pictures of him on the grass are amazing. you are suuch a good photographer. my camera doesnt even come close to the pictures you take. not even close!!!