Sunday, January 06, 2008

Holiday part 3

We had an amazing time away of just relaxing and hanging out with family by the riverside!
View of Knysna from the road:

Noah and the boats
Noah playing with his great Auntie Peggy

Grandma had fun with Noah tons so we could go out and explore and swim! :) Thank you!

Auntie Peggy and Uncle Michael were nice enough to host 11 of us in their river house. It was beautiful!

Noah's little wetsuit. He was a little scared at first, but then he LOVED swimming with us in the pool :) I think we went every day. Even with sunblock on he got a little farmers tan.

We found the garden of eden! Instead of a angel with a sword at the gate, there was a guy who wanted to charge us R20 to enter :)

The Knysna Heads. Totally Beautiful

The view was amazing
Sign posted right as you look out over the view.
Noah's first boat ride :)

Donovan, Helen and Etienne fishing
Etienne caught the only fish!

Smiles on the porch

And Noah totally spoke his first official word "mamma!" while we were away. He was just babbling before, but now he calls for me. Its very cute. He also says "ba-ba" if he sees babies on TV or in a book. Clint's goal is for him to say dada of course...but now he sounds like one of those dolls that when you shake them they say "mamma" cause that's practically all he says! :)

And this would probably only interest other moms, but I was struggling to get Noah to sleep without swaddling him tight. So I tried "weaning" him with only swaddling one arm, then one leg, etc. etc. (Clint called him the "one armed bandit" for a while) but now he's totally content and falls asleep without being wrapped. Thank goodness because its summertime now, so it was hard to swaddle him when its been hot! Now I just put him down, he gets cozy and in a few seconds he's asleep! Yipee!

Anyways, this year has just been amazing filled with God's grace and abundant blessings. I can't believe He has given us such a wonderful gift in Noah! He deserves all the praise!

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Melissa said...

kim you are an AMAZING photographer!! that last post's pictures were breathtakingly beautiful, along with these as well. you must have some great pictures of noah; i am jealous :) my little olympus camera doesn't quite do what your camera and skills do!! your pictures give such a beautiful side of sa; thanks for sharing!