Tuesday, January 15, 2008

The Great Outdoors

After what it seems like has been weeks of rain, (and hot rain at that) we headed outside a few days ago to enjoy the sun. It's so humid now, that outside is preferable cause of the breeze. In fact, I usually let Noah "swim" in a cold bath to cool him down before his afternoon nap. Noah loves being outside. He sits quietly and soaks it all in. This is him in his "I love Santa" shirt that my parents sent in mid November, and it arrived this week (mid Jan)! But its still super cute...

Enjoying Spurgeon and Tobi
Tobi is his favorite one.

He loves touching the leaves and the grass. Although I usually have to rescue him from putting it in his mouth (as you can see by the ones that escaped his clutches).

Tobi all of a sudden has become an "outdoor cat." She used to hate outdoors and be scared of any bird that flew by. But now she does great acrobatic tricks to get out of any window we leave open. We think it has something to do with a new kitty visitor that we call "Scabby Tabby" that she growls at from our window. But the weird thing is that she can climb the fence from the back yard to the front, but not back again. (Go figure). So we always find her meowing at the front door....not to come inside, but to get to the back yard.
Big blue eyes!


Alicia said...

such great pictures!

...i think my eyes are hungry for green grass and trees, because everything is so dreary in the wintertime!

The Mom said...

Oh Kim, he's so cute!!!!