Monday, December 10, 2007


Some exciting things have been happening at our church the last few weeks. We tore out the media centre (like the bookshack) to make more room in the church building, and went back down to one service...which is awesome cause its just packed with people, and the singing is amazing. Our church has grown so much the last two years, you could hardly recognize it from when we first came. God is so good and gracious to bring people in to hear His word!
Three people got baptized this last Sunday.
Giving testimonies:

Ilse Kirk:

Bruce Kirk

PJ Combrinck
Its always breathtaking to hear how God has changed each life.

And I had to post a photo of the Molokwana family in our church. They are just amazing. They foster all these kids (count them...9!) and teach them the Bible...its awesome.

Vicky was kind enough to hold Noah for me while I shot family photos for our church directory :) Since we are back to one service, church runs through Noah's whole naptime, but that nap never really happens, so by the end....he's so zonked!

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