Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Party at my crib, 4am

Ahh, I miss daylight savings! I used to think it was so dumb in the states, but now I realize how cool it is. It's getting closer to the Summer solstice, and it gets light at 4am, which means our room (and Noah's room) is super bright at 4:30am. The world is awake.....The birds are chirping, Spurgeon our dog is barking. So Noah just recently started thinking that its party time at 4am. If he could order a pizza, there would be one in his crib along with a disco ball. It starts out as laughing squeals, followed by coo's and gurgles until 4:30am he's completely taken all the covers off, and he's in a random corner of his crib playing with the edges of his blanket, or his pacifier. At 4:45 he realizes that he's actually tired and his pacifier is out of the crib, and his blankets are everywhere, and he's cold. So I finally go in groggy and put everything back in its place, including Noah, and he goes back to sleep very quickly. I've tried everything (blackout in the windows, putting extra blankets over the windows etc) but nothing works! Ahh the days where its dark till a normal hour! I can't help but laugh when I walk in though cause I get what Clint calls....the billionaire smile:

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