Friday, December 21, 2007

Christmas shopping....

We are flying to Pretoria on Christmas eve to see Noah's grandparents, and then to Plettenburg Bay to see his great Aunty...I can't wait! Plet. Bay is on South Africa's garden route along the ocean, I've heard millions of stories of how beautiful it looks amazing from the photos: I can't wait for our holiday!

A new mall opened with in walking distance from our house, so Clint and I have been walking to get our Christmas shopping done. The weather has been awesome (warm and sunny, cool breeze...gotta love Christmas in Summer!) so its been fun going on walks to shop. Noah graduated to his "big boy" stroller instead of the baby one that was more like a cradle. He faces out now, and loves looking at the world and the zillions of people shopping. He looks around with such wide eyes. And I love the bright red color! Its festive for the season :)

I think he likes it :)


HaysHitzeroth said...

such a big boy!

4HMom said...

Such a handsome boy, too!