Monday, December 03, 2007


So Noah is totally going through what the experts call the "separation anxiety" stage. (Sounds like psychobabble huh?) If someone else holds him, he cries. Sometimes when I leave him to play, he cries. But when he sees me or Clint, we get a huge smile, or when the "stranger" hands him back to me, he's back to his normal self! Strangely the tears are very cute to me. It lets me know that he loves Clint and I quite a lot :)

Noah and I in our future home! :)
We are at the stage of building our house that we go down every couple of days or so to see the changes, talk to the builder, and make sure everything is being built according to plan. It's very fun seeing the changes every day.

Noah and I on our front step:

The ceilings are in, and they've started with the first whitewash paint, so its starting to feel more like a home

Our next door neighbor is in the "Palm" business, so he planted palms on our property down his driveway that goes past our garage. It reminds me of California, I love them!

Looking at our future next door neighbors

Noah discovering daddy's cap

We were hoping to be in by Christmas, but it looks more like Feb or March.

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HaysHitzeroth said...

How exciting! It's really coming along. Noah looks really good in that yellow color