Sunday, December 02, 2007

Christmas Come!

So usually the Christmas season equates the weather getting colder, sipping hot drinks and eating warm fuzzy foods. But its slowly becoming Summer here :) The little reminder here comes in the form of a bird that has this call that sounds exactly like its saying "Christmas come, Christmas COME!" And for some reason, the one in our yard this year sounds very very insistent that Christmas come very soon. It's awesome cause it only chirps when it starts to get hot at the end of November, right when you just start to think about Christmas coming.

It's so fun having a baby in the house around the Christmas season. It was fun decorating the tree while Noah watched with wide eyes of curiosity. And its an awesome reminder of how God sent His son as a baby, exactly what we are celebrating. I can't imagine giving up Noah, but God gave His only son to live on earth and to die for us. Its a sobering thought as I look into Noah's little eyes thinking about how God became a man just to save us. I can't wait to tell Noah all about it! Maybe next year :)

This last week the kids at our church put on a Christmas play from the animals perspective. There was no way that Noah was going to be baby Jesus after I saw the kids throw around the doll that represented Him! :) It was very cute, and Clint shared an awesome gospel message to those who came afterwards....

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Mom in Calif (80 degrees tomorrow) said...

Hope the christmas clothes for Noah come before christmas! I am sure you will take pictures anyway. Your tree is cute.