Thursday, October 22, 2009

Man's best friend

Or boy's best friend in this case. Noah loves Spurgeon our dog, and Spurgeon loves Noah but for only one reason......he's got the ball, and he just might throw it!
We came back from the library today and Noah had a fun time just throwing the ball around our front yard with Spurg.

A big Spurg hug
Spurgeon's favorite thing in whole world, Noah throwing the ball.

Autumn sat on our front stoop and eyed the object of her affection, rocks on our walkway that she wanted to chew on, (yep, she's getting her top teeth now) and Noah kindly said "no rocks Nuh nuh, they are hhaa haa (dirty)"
Tobi came out to join the fun
This is Noah's affectionate "I just want to hug you tight" face, and Tobi's face is classic....slight annoyance with "I couldn't be bothered with this"

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Emily Ban said...

Is it just me or do Noah and Samuel look very similar?