Thursday, October 15, 2009


Every day I try and do something creative with Noah during Autumn's morning nap. This week it's been the life of Moses. I found several great websites to teach toddlers through the Bible and crafts to go with each one. These are from I couldn't believe how much he loved it and kept talking about Moses throughout the day.

This craft went with telling the story of baby Moses. I read with him from my Bible (he thought this was very cool) and colored the baby and made him a basket. Then we played hide and seek with baby Moses (cause remember Moses's mom hid him from Pharaoh?) and this he LOVED. He'd say "Hmmm, where did baby Moses go?"

He asked for a pillow and blanket for baby Moses, made from dryer sheets :)
The next day was Moses and the burning bush. He got to stick the fire on the bush, and he loved it!
Noah walked around the house saying "Let the people go!"
He also said that God's name is "I AM" very cute. Today we did the plagues of Egypt, and Moses telling Pharaoh to let the people go. I'd ask Noah, "did Pharaoh listen to God?" Noah....."NO!" Tomorrow will be Pharaoh letting the people go. It's been quite fun coming up with a small lesson every morning.


Heather said...

Very cool!

Sarah! said...

That is so neat, Kim. I wish I was that organized...
By the way, your new look for your blog is so very cool. I like how you change it up.
I also want to say how much your cheerfulness and the evident joy you have for mothering regularly chastizes and encourages me. Thank you, Kim, for your attitude. (even via a blog it shines through)