Saturday, October 03, 2009

First time to the beach

Last Monday we went with Charl & Nina and their relatives to the beach. After lots of rain, it was a perfect beach day, and it was Autumn's first time to the beach! She loved it, and kicked her little legs and laughed into the wind.
Although she wasn't too sure about touching the water, and whats with this strange sand castle?
Noah always asks to wear his hat and sunglasses, he loves them
Autumn kept looking at the water, why is it so cold?
Playing in the water with daddy

I would have taken even more photos, but alas my little camera has died, but Autumn loved sitting on the towel playing with her sand toys, we had tons of fun in the waves, and Noah every day this week says "Suns out? More beach? Oh mommy its bright, so beach?" It's been raining this whole week, and he keeps looking for the sun in hopes we can go back.

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Rebecca Tseitlin said...

Hi Kim! This is Rebecca, your old roommate - I found your blog as a link on someone's page (I don't remember who) - and it's beautiful!! I love your posts and pictures, and your life in S.A. seems wonderful! I got married three years ago, and we had our first baby (girl) this past February! I noticed that your Autumn was born Feb. 24 - our Eva was born Feb. 26!! We love having a girl!! Anyway, so good to see pictures of all of you. You can take a glimpse at our life at our blog Take care! Love, Rebecca