Thursday, October 08, 2009

Nature walk

Noah has been asking almost every day this week to go to the beach, but its been so cloudy/windy so I told him we'd go see a waterfall and walk along a river. He didn't seem to know what it was, but he seemed excited, so off we went! There is a little nature reserve about 10 minutes from our home down the Kloof Gorge, and it turned out to be an amazing day.

"Fall" leaves in the river even though its Spring in SA. It's like the Lord placed them there just for me to enjoy since I miss the Fall season in the States.
The area we live in is so beautiful and lush, I love it! Noah discovering the waterfall, he kept saying "BIG one momma, BIG waterfall!"
He liked poking the leaves with a perfect Noah sized stick.
We made a quick potty break for Noah, since he's potty trained now I was so grateful there was a loo nearby, and these leaves were right outside the little hut, so pretty.
And back to the river we walked! I've been teaching him the song "Our God is so Great" for quite a while now, and he loves it. In the song it says "the rivers are His" so it was cool to show him an actual river.
This photo makes me think of Huck Finn
Amazing leaves in the river again.
Balancing on the rocks
We walked over a couple of bridges to a lake
Then back to the waterfall for some water fun
He wanted his shoes off, and the water wasn't actually that cold, so he had alot of fun splashing and playing with the leaves, and we left quite soaking wet!

It's so fun seeing God's creation through a toddlers eyes.

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