Thursday, April 23, 2009

You know your the mom of a toddler when:

You’re asked repeatedly during coloring time to draw God. (I still don’t know what to draw for this, a cross? The sky?)

Your toothbrush is missing, and the first place you think to look is in your toddler’s toy car cause that’s where he stores his “priceless treasures” which is usually anything that’s yours. (I've found perfume bottles, pens, hairclips, and tons of other missing items here).

You get repeatedly asked for “more” or “again” of things that you can’t control (like more of a helicopter going overhead, or more of a butterfly flying on the patio) and are met with very sad tears when you can’t make it happen "again"!

You turn off your light to your toddler’s room, and the frequency of the lightswitch somehow makes his little toy go “moo moo” or “quack quack” every single time (I still have no idea how this happens, but I laugh every time)

Your prayers at bedtime with him include thanking God for “vroom vroom” and “woof woof” and “gooks” (books) and "juice" at his suggestion.

Driving includes singing songs and counting. We count to ten on the last leg home, and if I forget Noah says “TEN TEN!” so I remember to count with him.

You are constantly playing interpretor with the few words that they know. For example Noah today kept saying "ice ICE!" and I couldn't figure out why....until i realized he wanted a sip of my tea and it was too hot, and he wanted to put a block of ice in it to make it cold enough for him to drink.

A little hug makes your heart melt.

Ahh, I love it. It's really so much fun.


Heather said...

I identify with EVERYTHING you said. lol. So so funny.

Melissa said...

yep me too! so true and cute!