Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 Months!

Autumn's first hoodie. It was a freezing cold day today!

Call me cheesy or superficial, but I love love American baby clothes, they are just the cutest and the softest ever. My parents sent me a ton from Carter's that I love, for every size she'll fit into for a year! And recently an elder's wife Amanda at our church and her family moved to North Carolina, and when she came back to visit she brought this cute little hoodie from baby Gap. Its just so fun to get things from "home" and it means quite alot to me to get these things in the mail :) Especially since Noah had a baby Gap hoodie in blue that my mom gave me that I loved, and now she has one in pink, so fun!
At two months Autumn steals our heart with her smiles, and recently grossed us out with a projectile poo that landed on practically everything in her nursery, and me! :) But each day brings great fun and joy!


Heather said...

adorable! I loved Georgie in hoodies (still do!)

amber said...

Katey projectile pooped when she was just a few weeks old too!!! SOOO GROSS! I was still at the overwhelmed stage so first I cried and then I waited for Jason to get home to clean it up! Thank goodness for understanding husbands!

Lou and Amy said...

I especially love the second picture of Autumn with her mouth open--so cute!!! Still thinking of and praying for you guys!