Tuesday, April 07, 2009

A little update....

So sorry for the lack of updates! I haven't had the chance to post any more photos lately, so here's a quick update! Raising to kiddos is a blast, but lately its been quite hectic! I was at the store the other day getting shoes for Vicky's wedding (I was a bridesmaid this last weekend, I'll post photos of that later!) and I had Autumn in the stroller, and Noah wandering around the shop. About 10 grandmothers came up to me and were like "it doesn't last long, hold on to these memories" and things like that. It was just the encouragement I needed because the shop didn't have the shoes I really wanted, and the thought of doing the whole stroller/carseat, carseat, stroller changeover didn't seem appealing at the time! It so neat how God sends great amounts of encouragement just when you think its becoming a bit to much to handle. But I'm really not complaining here, I couldn't ask for two better kids, and its amazing to watch them grow and watch myself grow in the process :)

Noah's cute smile

Autumn's eyes are starting to turn blue, just like mommy! We call her "little Mo" cause she has a Mohawk even if I comb it like crazy!

Kisses from her brother. He really loves her alot. When we pray at night and I say thank you for....he volunteers "Na na!" and usually "woof woof" (Spurgeon our dog)

I love how little babies can fall asleep anywhere. She's on my lap while we watch Noah play.

Awake time under her mobile, she really concentrates on these little guys.

And listening to her music bear. She loves music.

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