Sunday, April 26, 2009

Wacky Weather

Noah has a Dr. Seuss book called "Wacky Weather" and that's what it felt like today. Bright sun, HUGE raindrops, LOUD thunderclaps, and a double rainbow outside our patio!

We ate lunch with this view on our patio today, so cool

Since it rained so much I decided to finish my gardening cause our ground is super rocky, and its way easier to dig when its all soggy! So despite it being really cold, I busted out my trowel, and tada! My project is done! It's so cool how therapeutic gardening is. I think its because its a crazy amount of hard work. Noah helped me dig too, what a good gardener!
Now I just have to convince Noah not to throw or kick Spurgeon's ball into the flowers, cause nothing comes between Spurg and his ball.
Speaking of which, Spurgeon has discovered he can jump our fence, which isn't very fun cause our neighbor's dogs go crazy which leads to unhappy neighbors. Noah comes to us saying "woof woof, the door!" and we know he's jumped the fence and we have to call him back. But we recently discovered that Noah is sometimes the master planner behind Spurgeons prison break. I caught it on film today....Noah sticking Spurg's ball through the fence so that Spurgeon will hop it. Can you see the gleam of delight in Spurgeon's eye, and the look of determination on Noah's face? I figured it out one day when Noah started jumping and saying "more!" after Spurg had escaped. Hmmm.
Then this really cool sunset appeared after the thunder had stopped. I love this tree that overhangs our backyard from next door, it looks so "African" to me.

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