Monday, April 13, 2009

Vicky & Andrew's Wedding

This wedding seemed quite momentous for both Clint and I since Andrew went to Clint's home church (Grace Fellowship) Vicky goes to our church (HBC) and they are moving to my home church (Grace Community) in LA, so it was a bit of worlds colliding wedding! It was so fun for us to watch their relationship develop at Resolved and then while Andrew was in our home while on a missions trip to Durban. We were very honoured to be apart of this day! I don't have any photos of the actual wedding cause Clint was preaching and I was a bridesmaid...but here you go!
The pretty bride

The cute couple, let them eat cake!

Me with Kerry and Cait in our stunning bridesmaids dresses

Vicky with her bridesmaids.

Me and my cutie husband
And us with Autumn, Noah was being babysat because the last wedding Clint preached at he said "dadda, dadda!" through the whole wedding, and since I was in the wedding, I couldn't be there to take him away! :)
Mother of the bride practicing perhaps being a future grandmother (maybe someday!) with Autumn :) She held her the whole time we took photos

Clint and Charl were quite the MC's

Kerry and Caits moving speech

The cute couple shnizzling

The amazing cake that Helga made. Vicky's theme was Autumn, and she made the most amazing cake.

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