Tuesday, February 03, 2009

"Dee door?"

is a phrase I hear every day now. Noah is fascinated by how doors open and close and which key opens it. The only door he can reach on his own is the one from our patio to our bedroom, and everyday while I get ready he figures out which key opens it.

He toddled outside in his PJ's and looked longingly at the door asking for the "eeese?" keys

Much concentration

And he successfully opens dee door!
He's picking up new words every day. This week he is saying "Noah" "kiss" and "ticky" (the word Clint uses before he tickles Noah.) Ticky is such a fun word cause now Noah can ask to be tickled :)

I had some pretty hectic contractions on Saturday afternoon every hour or so, but they finally stopped! (I'm now 37 weeks, so technically the baby is fine to come anytime). But the contraction scare has now put me into a nesting mood (which I never got with Noah) so I've been washing all her clothes and cleaning out cupboards etc. I like the nesting instinct, I just wish I had it all the time!

My c-section is scheduled for the 19th at 6am, so its 17 days to go! :) She's been kicking the same spot that Noah did on my ribs, and getting cute hiccups everyday. Can't wait


amber @ to save a penny said...

so fun! i didn't get the nesting instinct with katey either, but had it with julia. maybe it's a second kid thing! can't wait to see pictures of her!

Sara Mallon said...

Hey Kim hope you're feeling good this week! Did you have a c-section with Noah also... or is there a special reason you are having one with this one? (I can't remember sorry)... I think I am getting a little bit of the nesting instinct...but I think it's only cuz I am still working so it sounds FUN to be at home "nesting" right now. ha; by the time I actually GET home....those cupboards and cleaning projects don't look as fun :)