Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day we had a braai (bbq) at our house to celebrate Clint's birthday with a bunch of people from our church. Noah had a blast with his friend Kristy, its the first time they really played "together" instead of just side by side, laughing at each other the whole time. They were having so much fun and we said "its Valentines Day, give Kristy a kiss!" :) I can't believe I actually caught it on camera it was so cute :)
We were surprised cause he had been avoiding her hugs the whole night
And when we gave Noah his milk right before bed she ran to the bathroom, got some tissues, and came back to wipe any milk he spilt (totally on her own will). I think Noah's got a great future caring wife here. :)

Anyways, our Valentines Day/Birthday braai was alot of fun. Clint and I aren't really into the Valentines day thing, its too commercial for us, so we usually spend it at home anyways to avoid the crazy restaurant scene (maybe I was burnt by it being a waitress for so long!). But anyways it was so much fun to have a bunch of people over to celebrate together.

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