Thursday, January 29, 2009

Making new friends

Nearly every day Noah asks if we can go for a walk outside. He says "shoes? shoes?" and when I put them on he runs to the door, signs "open" and says "dee door, dee door!" (the door). If I don't get there fast enough he asks "eeess?" (keys?)

This time on our walk he found a new friend, our neighbor's kitty. He had to sit down to take a closer look. (While hanging on to his loved blankie...he's our little Linus).
Sitting next to his new friend

This is his inward gasp face of "ohhhh mommy this is REALLY cool!"

Our neighbors kitty was very patient letting him pet her. Whenever Noah sees a cat (including ours) he'll "talk" to them in soft meowing sounds. Maybe that convinced her cause she started purring. I think he's made a new friend!

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Melissa said...

SO cute! i love his sandals! i can't wait until it gets warmer here and i can buy cute sandals for cael.