Tuesday, February 24, 2009

In the hospital

It was so weird walking into the hospital this time with baby #2 knowing by 8am she would be born. It took some of the "surprise" element out of it, but it was exciting cause I knew within 2 hours I would be holding my girl! This is in front of the hospital at 6am.

After dressing us in our doctors outfits, I walked myself into the surgery room (kinda weird, last time I was rushed in on a bed) so it was more like I was volunteering myself for this operation! The doctor gave me a spinal, which I guess is like an epidural, except I could move my legs a bit. Clint decided to watch the whole thing! He said it was amazing. The anesthetic made me feel quite sick, but after 20 minutes of what felt like to me as a lot of tugging, out came my little girl! She was slightly blue, but totally fine. I could hear her crying as Clint went to see her go under the hot lights for a minute, and she was wrapped and brought to me.
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I was wheeled into recovery, and Clint got to watch her get bathed, and weighed. After about 20 minutes they brought her to me all clean and pretty! Her first feed went really well. She eats so much quicker than Noah did, and doesn't really cry when she's hungry, she just makes little clicks and sucking sounds. So cute.
Clint's first cuddle of a clean girl!

That afternoon Clint's mom and Noah came to visit. Noah was very scared to hear her cry, and was crying most of the time we held her. He is very timid around new things in general. But when he saw there was a TV on the ceiling he couldn't stop laughing. :) So Noah and I sat on the bed watching cartoons together while daddy held her and chatted to Granny Anne.
After one day I was up on my feet walking around, and the doctor said I could go home after 2 days instead of three, which I was grateful for! It was fun having extra special bonding time with just me and Autumn, but I couldn't wait to get home to my new family.

Clint holding her the day we took her home

It was so fun to dress her all girly instead of being in those funny hospital gowns!

Strapping her in for the ride home! She dozed the whole way. It's like taking home the most awesome present. The Lord is so good in giving her to us as a gift.
My recovery has been quite quick, and today I felt pretty normal without pain medication after a week of being home. Granny Anne stayed with us to help out to let me recover, and left today. She was such a great help taking Noah out on "dates" so I could have some time just me and Autumn. I still can't pick up Noah or drive or anything like that, so bath time with him, and getting him out of his bed etc. I need someones help, but the Lord has been so good to sustain me and help me get stronger every day! I am soooo thankful for my husband who works from home and so lovingly stops what he's doing a few times a day when I need to pick up Noah, or they are both crying at once etc. He's so patient and kind to help, I don't know what I'd do without him! :)

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Sarah! said...

The last paragraph reminded me of a conversation I had with my friend laura today at the play gym -- we were saying we hav eno idea how single moms or moms with deadbeat guys mother more than one child -- We have such amazing husbands -- so kind and helpful and "present". God is so good to us.