Thursday, February 05, 2009


Summertime in Durban can't make up its mind. It's either boiling hot, or raining and drizzly and cold. But on the hot days I've been filling Noah's little pool for him to swim, but he decided that swimming wasn't as much fun as playing "splash Spurgeon" our dog.

It was much more fun to climb OUT of the pool, unscrew his sippy cup, and use it to douse our dog with water....i love his little bum in the air

ready....(an unsuspecting victim lurks by)

aim....and fire!
Our dog is a lab, so he doesn't mind the water at all, but it got about an hour of laughs out of Noah, and a very wet dog. He also tried it on our cat Tobi, who wasn't very impressed with the game, and quickly assumed position outside our fence.

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