Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Cuddle time!

We've had lots of visitors in our house, and they all want to cuddle with Autumn! Our church has been providing meals for us, which has been such a HUGE help and blessing, and with the meals comes lots of love for Autumn!

Cuddles from Uncle Donovan

Cuddles from Auntie Helen

Cuddles from Granny Anne
Isn't she cute in Granny's arms?

Cuddles from us!

Cuddles from Alison
Cuddles with Celia and Vicky

Cuddles with Kerry

Cuddles with Cait
Cuddles with Charl and Nina (don't they look good with a baby in their arms?)

Cuddles with Lori and baby Gemma :)

Cuddles from Regina

Cuddles with Wendy

And sleepy cuddles with daddy. I love this photo with her bum in the air :)

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So where are the cuddles from Noah you ask? Well, its been a slow start, but today he gave her a little hug, and patted her head, and said she is going "nigh nigh" and when I left a blanket on the couch he said "uh oh" and brought it to her and covered her up and smiled lots at her today. He also offered her some of his cheese from lunch. This is an awesome improvement cause the first few days he would just cry if he saw her :) So I'll try and get a cuddle Noah photo as soon as he's ready!


Heather said...

She's got the loveliest eyes!

Lou and Amy said...

Congratualtions! She is so sweet! We've been praying for you guys. And Kim, you look so great!
Praising God with you,
Lou & Amy

Cherie Baker Vann said...

congrats!!! love her name too!!