Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Shooz Shooz Shooz

On Sunday Morning Noah always wants to get dressed in daddy's nice clothes. He'll go into his cupboard and say "shooz!" (shoes) and pull out one of the nicest pairs, drag them to just the right spot (near something to hang on to) and then put them on and walk around in them. He also does this with Clint's ties and belts. But this week it was mainly the "shooz!"

Seeing how they fit

How do the "shooz" look mommy?
This week has been a burst of new words for Noah. He hasn't been much of a talker, so it was fun to hear his little voice come to life. Now the new words frequented in the Archer household are "shoes, door, keys, boo-boo, bowl, and tooth (for toothbrush)."

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Melissa said...

cael says shooz too. it's so cute! it is so fun to hear them talk!!