Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Baby Girl Shower

Kerry threw me a baby shower this weekend for little miss Archer, and I think the whole church showed up! :) It was so fun to have a shower for our little girl cause everything (I mean everything) baby I own is blue. Clint reckoned if Noah was a boy then he must be in blue. NOT tan, not white, but blue (of course!) So looking through all my baby clothes/blankets and stuff nothing was suitable for our little girl! So it was so fun to receive such nice girly things from everyone!

Thank you to Kerry who organized it and to Amber who hosted...half the church! :)

Some of the ladies standing in line for the yummy food! Including a cheesecake from Springs, my favorite!

Some of the girls! Sue is prego with Twins but not showing yet (far left!) So we are the two expecting ladies in the church. (and honorary Liz who is now in Australia!)

Helga made these amazing cupcakes with real roses on top, so pretty.All the girls watching opening presents...I can't wait till baby Archer and baby Gemma can play (shes' the two month old in the photo!) They will be about 3 months apart.

It was fun opening girly things :)

Nina Cait and I

Now I have to organize all my fun things in the cupboards in her room, thank you!


John & Daisy Cox said...

Hey Kimmy,
So awesome how God has blessed you with a church body that loves you and how God gives us perfect gifts through others! The baby room is beautiful and I really want to send you a set of the baby things I make. Will you e-mail me and give me your address and the best way to mail them?
God bless you all,

Deidre Johnson said...

How exciting- you are so blessed! I would love to celebrate with you, too. Girls are so fun- there's a special bond.