Friday, January 16, 2009

Vroom Vroom

Noah is obsessed with cars at the moment. He pushes around his little toy cars and says "vrooom vrooom" and every day he makes the hand motions for driving a big wheel, points to our car and signs "please please" while saying "VROOOM!" He wants daddy to take him for a "drive"

So in they go...engines started, seat belt on first!

Steering the wheel and pushing the windshield wipers is way to much fun

He usually turns back and looks at you with this big smile thank you so much this is just so fun!

It takes alot of explaining to tell Noah that the drive session is now over, because it usually ends in tears with lots of "more, more!"


Heather said...

so so cute!

Melissa said...

cael is totally obsessed with cars too at the moment! it's so fun!! let me just say too that it's so weird to see the driver's side on the other side.

Elizabeth said...

I love that he has his blanket with him while he's driving!