Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The STM team

Our church hosted the STM team from Grace again this year. It was awesome having them on our Cornerstone retreat! Here are some photos...
The group photo
Trying to keep warm in the sun

The team!
The farmers burnt the fields while we were there. We could feel the heat from across the river.
The Archer....
Hanging out with the girls

Introducing the team and Noah to Grapetizer (fizzy grape juice) He loved it, and so did the team!
It was Michelle's 3x to Durban, and Jill's 2nd

The team taught Noah "Evil Fingers" Whenever they'd say it to him he'd wiggle his fingers like he was going to say "Mooo haa haaa!"

The team and Vicky by the Indian Ocean
Resting with the girls on our patio after a hard day of work
It was so amazing having you guys! Come back!

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