Tuesday, July 22, 2008

On being preggo with #2

The difference this time around is that I was actually more excited when I saw the two blue lines because I knew exactly what the result is, an awesome blessing from the Lord! I mean I knew that with Noah, but now having experienced having a baby before, this time the lines meant way more. The first time around I sort of didn't know what it meant to bring a new little life into the world, and all the joy it would bring. But this time, I know what comes 9 months later is just an amazing gift. I think with the pregnancy with Noah I was concentrating on the horror stories everyone was telling me of the lack of sleep, 2am feeds, that I couldn't stay out late chatting to friends, or be as involved in ministry. I just didn't know what to expect. But like many wise parents said, your priorities change, and your love for your child outweighs those desires, so you desire to stay and take care of your baby (which is totally true) rather than the things you loved before. And the amount of joy he's brought is tremendous, so I can't even imagine what its like doubling that joy in our home! I am so thankful to the Lord!

Thank you for all your comments about 22 months apart, its really really helpful. I think its awesome they will be so close in age. I really would love it either way if its a boy or a girl. Boy--they'll be great close brothers, but girl---I'd have a girl and a boy....I can't wait to find out in about 10 weeks!!

I get evening sickness like last time....Clint says its cause my body's default is LA time, so it thinks its the morning! But it really hasn't been that bad. It's just the weird tiredness when trying to stay energetic for Noah!

I'll really try to post photos soon!

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Jason and Amber Black & Katey said...

I totally know what you mean about the second time pregnancy. No one could ever have explained to me the immense joy that would come from being a mom. Now that I have Katey though, the thought of baby girl #2 is so exciting. I can only imagine how the joy is multiplied with two.