Friday, July 04, 2008

Noah's first Baseball game

My parents took us for Noah's first Dodgers game! He loved it!
Daddy son matching hats :)

Loving time with the grandparents

But he was sometimes more interested in the sunglasses than the game :)

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Julie said...

Kim - your parents are beaming! I just love seeing adoring grandparents with their grandbabies! Such fun times and many great memories created! Wish we had been in LA when you were there! We seem to always miss one another by a few weeks! Sigh! Have fun with your little toddler! Don't they grow up SO fast!!

I continue to pray for you as I pass the street "Karcher" every Sunday! What a great reminder for me to pray!

Have a wonderful day, whatever you are doing today, and know you are being prayed for at this moment!

Love to you all,
Julie and family