Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Our trip to LA...

Since the internet is finally working I thought I'd do an overview of our trip to "home away from home" in LA. I still can't believe that we got to go!

Our first weekend there was Resolved where we got to hear these amazing speakers. I even heard quite alot thanks to Clint and Marietjie who babysat so I could sit and listen. My favorite speaker is still John MacArthur, maybe I'm biased since he was my (old) pastor before Clint!
Noah's first Cheesecake Factory, and hanging out with Kerry and Jen

Noah meeting CJ
One of my favorite sessions was the last night when Piper spoke. I think its because I was sitting in the front row, so I got to soak it all in.
Noah getting to know/flirting with the girls at Kerry's braai
Noah loving the swing his Grandparents got him
This was Noah's first time at a beach ever, and we went to Malibu. He ABSOLUTELY LOVED IT. I loved seeing him "get into it." Like if I held him by his finger he would toddle straight towards the waves. He was forever pointing at everything and saying his cute noises that means he likes it. He especially loved his feet in the water.
Squinty smiles with me and my mom

Digging fingers in the sand was a definite favorite

With Granny and Grandpa, and pointing...at everything!
All the South Africans from our church, Hillcrest Baptist went to Kerry's brother Donovan's wedding. I just can't believe we were all there at the same time all 9 of us. It was really cool sharing our time with them.
Some of my favorite South Africans....including Marietjie who lives in LA now, but who I miss terribly (move back!) It was so fun spending tons of time with her, she even took me to a spa where we got pedicures, it was awesome.
(PS Sorry Michelle, I think the photographer missed you!)
Noah went swimming EVERY day in his little boat that my parents got him. He loved it.
I got to hang out with Heather and Georgie...who I've only gotten to know over the internet, so it was so fun meeting Georgie in person!
They played so well together, it was fun to watch.
Clint got the opportunity to preach at Grace's Jr. High camp in Oakhurst (like a 1/2hour from Yosemite). It was such a great opportunity, and the Jr. Higher's seemed quite responsive. Clint preached 9x while in LA...he considers preaching part of his vacation :)
Noah pretending to be a Jr. Higher
We got to hang out with Austin & Merilly at the camp, and meet their new little one...
Little miss Ella...isn't she the cutest?

There are so many photos and so much I could blog about on this trip, but it was just awesome spending time with family and friends, and to worship at Grace again. It was such a special thing to bring so many from our church in Hillcrest as well, and very special for Noah to meet his Grandparents!

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