Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Noah is gonna make a great older brother

Yup, we are expecting number 2! Baby "kidney bean" this week will be due in late February, so Noah and his younger sibling will be about 22 months apart. We are so excited! Taking care of a one year old while not feeling the greatest is a challenge, but one I'm up for. We found out the last day we were in LA, so it was fun to announce it in person my parents!

Anyone have kids 22 months apart? How is it? What are the challenges?

My internet has been super crazy, but once its up for good I'll post more, I promise!


Jodie said...

Hi Kim. I'm not sure if you even remember me, but I found your blog from browsing Abby's blog. It's actually been so fun looking through your blog b/c there are some fun similarities between our families. First, I have a Noah (turned 1 on June 5) I'm expecting #2 on March 8, my hubby is a youth pastor so we're in full time ministry...even as I was looking through some of the pics of your Noah I recognized outfits that my Noah has! I know what you mean about first trimester with a 1 year energy is all but gone. I'll probably peek in on your blog from time to time, feel free to check mine out. -Jodie (Gabor) Hylkema

Heather said...

hooray hooray hooray! :)

Melissa said...

that's soooo cool! congratulations!! are you nervous about #2? will you have to have another c-section? and if so, how do you feel about that? anytime i contemplate #2, i get virtual cold sweats thinking about another c-section, which is what i'll probably have. congratulations again!!!

Sara Mallon said...

Hey Kim!!!

CONGRATULATIONS!!!! That's so cool!!

and... I don't know if you've heard the news..but Scott and I have a kidney bean too!! We are due the end of February too!! ha! maybe they'll be "twins."

anyways. I have been enjoying the "all sickness" so far... I can't IMAGINE having it with a baby already here!! I'll be praying for you! Is your sickness about the same as with Noah?

cynthia said...

oooooh, praise the Lord, kim and clint!! our kids are one day shy of 24 months apart, so i think i was in the same situation as you are now. it was tough, b/c i was pretty sick in the beginning (nauseous, dizzy, tired etc ALL DAY). SO, poor phoebe watched a lot of dora the explorer and baby einstein videos during that first trimester. i thought her brain might turn to mush, but seriously, she is one of the brightest kids i've ever known, so i think the Lord spared her brain. :) so no worries if you use the t.v. more than you did before. what a blessing to modern day moms! besides the usual challenges with sharing toys or making an annoying faces at each other ;), they really do enjoy each other's company. it melts my heart to hear jesse say, "phoebe?" and she says, "Yeah?" and he says, "i love you," with such a sweet intonation. what a blessing it is to have two close together, even if they are different genders. it's the dynamic the Lord has especially chosen for our family, and what a thrill it will be when you find out what His will is for your family, whether half-way through or at the very end! :) (if anyone offers to take noah off your hands for a little while some morning, TAKE THEIR OFFER AND TAKE A NAP!!) :) don't be tempted to feel guilty if you nap while he naps... take advantage! your body's working hard right now!! :)

randi said...

Congratulations! I can imagine how thrilled you both are!

Our girls are 20 months apart and I love it. Since Alexis came to us via adoption, I didn't have to care for one child while dealing with pregnancy, or two children while dealing with recovery - so I can't help you there. But as far as dealing with the everyday tasks of keeping up with two kids who have very different needs, I can say the Lord gives the needed grace. I'm 100 times busier (I thought I was buy with one...ha!), but it's worth it. We are dealing with potty training Natalie and that has made some interesting moments. It's hard to run on a dime when your feeding the baby and the 2 year old has to "go potty" right away. Or when you venture out in the public by yourself with the kids and one has a meltdown, or one has to use the toilet. But those make fun stories!
Natalie LOVES her baby sister and she enjoys "helping" as much as possible. I think the age difference is perfect and I look forward to them being buddies as they get older.

Heidi Shafer said...

Kim Kim! This is Heidi Shafer (Thomsen) your old co-worker! Congrats on your new pregnancy! I am prego too with #2! I'm due December 8th. So I'll have 2 littles 20 months apart. I hear you about the tiredness. Just try to sleep when Noah naps. Thats the only way I can get through the day. Even now being 20 weeks along! So glad you got to be with your family in LA! How fun the Dodgers game must have been and to be at Resolved! I'm jealous!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations, Kim! What fun to hear your good news! You are going to LOVE having babes so close together. Our three youngest (our girls) are 19 months apart and while it keeps me hopping, I wouldn't want to be doing anything else. Just stay organized and on top of things around the house and you'll have extra time to spend with your babies every day! It is the best snuggling with little ones all tucked up around you!

Feel better soon and enjoy each day with your "oldest." They grow up really fast when the next one arrives.

Love to you!
Julie (and Todd too)

The Mom said...

Oh so fun! I'm excited for you guys, I'll look forward to learning from you as you get ready for #2!

Lou & Amy said...

So exciting! We are praising the Lord with you! Our kids are 14 mo. apart (not planned that way =), but I'd be happy to try to field any questions you may have. Congratulations!

Anonymous said...

Hey again - it's me. I just re-read my comment I made yesterday and I got to thinking that I made it sound like you had to be on top of your house & organized right now! Oh my goodness NO! I'm not talking about right now, just in the future, when you have the pregnancy and L&D behind you and you are all healed up and settled into a routine with your family of four. I guess I was thinking too far into the future for you and what keeps our household functioning right now with our gang. Toddlerhood has turned my brain into mush, I feel like sometimes. ;) Sorry for that strange comment and for how it certainly didn't make sense!

But after the dust settles & life is a new normal, you are gonna love your little ones under 2 and they will become the best of friends. Our older 2 girls are now 2 years old and just play and play together (and get into mischief together) and I know our little Emily will be joining them as soon as she can crawl. :) Fun times are coming for your little "big" brother and you and Clint.

Hope that helps clarify...I feel bad to have made it sound like you need to do all this now when I know you don't feel well.

Blessings to you!!!

Julie again (and Todd, although perhaps he won't want to attach his name to any more of my comments!)


G. Lee said...


Beanie said...

good news... congratulations! :)


Rachel said...

Hi Kim, Our first two are 22 months apart. It keeps me busy. I agree with the other comments that you take nap when your kids are napping! Right now, I'm doing that a lot cause baby #3 is coming along, due around Feb. 22nd. :) We are happy for you and pray the Lord's blessing on you. Love, Rachel Jamieson

Gail said...

Hey Kim, it's "cousin" Gail (Kirkendall)! Sorry I'm a little late getting around to the "Conrats". Things have been kind of crazy getting used to being a mother of 3. :) Bethany and Andria are almost exactly 22 months apart and Andria and Preston are exactly 23 months apart. We like it (obviously, or we wouldn't of done it again). I admit, life would be easier if they were farther apart when the baby's born. The girls are just now getting to an age when they can actually play together. It's great when they do, but there are a lot of fights to break up. (Like just now, as I took 5 minute break from typing to make sure Andria was okay and talk to Bethany about why we don't shut the door on our sister.) I do have to say that the age difference has been fun while having the third one. Bethany is pretty independent and is teaching Andria to be. They both adore Preston and are good helpers. Thankfully Preston is an easy baby (then again, so were Bethany and Andria). God blessed us with babies that just keep getting more and more laid back. :) Anyway, just some encouragement, that it's not too much having them 22 months apart and it gets more fun the older they get. :) We love you guys and will hopefully see you again sometime this side of Glory!