Tuesday, August 05, 2008

My two munchkins

One of my munchkins is growing arms and legs (so cool to see the scan at 10 weeks instead of the usual 8...you can see little arms and legs!) Baby Archer #2's first photo.

And my other munchkin is learning how to use his arms and legs....
A few weeks ago he FINALLY learned "please" (its a sign I've been trying forever!) He says it all the time now, its like it just "clicked" Here he's saying "please" for my camera. :)

His favorite thing now is to "talk" on the phone. Even if he doesn't have one he'll put an open palm to his ear and say "hello!"
Don't worry, its my cell phone that died...its now Noah's.
He loves throwing the stones from our path into my plants.
And he loves to stand up all by himself. You'd think he'd be walking, but for him standing and crawling is too much fun at this point.
Doesn't it look like he'd just walk right toward you? Whenever we try to make him walk he thinks its a funny joke and cracks up laughing. :)


Lou and Amy said...

You startled us with your title...at first, I thought you were announcing twins! I love the picture of Noah saying, "Please"! So sweet!

Emily Ban said...

Noah is just so darling!

I couldn't believe it when I saw Sammy for the first time when he was only 10 weeks old.He was dancing around, kicking & moving his arms.It was so cool to watch!

I'm so happy for you guys & the new addition to your family!

Megan said...

When you first said two I thought you were meaning twins! HAHAHAHA