Friday, March 07, 2008

Our new house is ready!

Our new house is finally finally finally ready! (Well, ready enough to move in). Its been quite a saga since it was supposed to be ready in September...and every week there have been tons of mistakes and drama....but its finally worth it cause we are moving in tomorrow! Yipee! We are just so excited for our new house! Yesterday they were finishing our patio and ran out of tiles and needed ONE tile. So Clint went to the tile place only to find...they were discontinued!! After several phone calls, and talking to a million people, we found, you got it...ONE tile. The Lord was so good in providing the last tile! Take that story times 500...and you've got the picture of what its like to build.

It's hard to take photos of the room since my camera doesn't have a wideangle lens. But here we go

Master bedroom (door leads to patio)
Front door/window

Livingroom (I love the wood floors, I spent all day mopping them today)

Noahs room! (Guestroom photo looks the same, just not blue!)
The bathrooms aren't quite finished yet. But I'll post more later.

And for a Grandma Noah fix....I take Noah every day to swing next door on the preschool playyard. He LOVES it and babbles and sings away as he swings. The one thing I'll miss about moving is taking him everyday. He LOVES it sooo much!

We are moving tomorrow....ahhhh!


Melissa said...

the house is beautiful!! i love the wood floors and all the windows!! once you move in, you'll have to post pictures of all the rooms with your stuff in and it all decorated!!

Sara Mallon said...

oh my goodness!!! I can't believe it's done! I'm so excited for you :) :) I love moving to new places (except for the moving part, that is). I hope it all goes really fast and that you have fun setting the house up!! If I was closer I'd pay you to let me babysit Noah for you so you could decorate :)

Heather said...

that's so exciting! We'l be moving the same day so I'll be thinking of you guys all day tomorrow.

Love your new house!

Heather said...

Georgie loves the boxes too! She likes being in them or using them to stand and go from box to box.

We're moving to a place with hard wood floors too! I love them. I'm just not so sure about Georgie learning to walk there :)

Lisa said...

YEA!! The house is done! I love the wall colors and the windows. I also love the kitchen!

Congratulations! Hope your move goes smoothly!

Alicia said...

your house is awesome! i just love all the windows.

hope the move goes well!!

Abby & Andrew said...

Congrats!!! It looks fantastic!!! I really can not wait to see all the pictures of it put together. I hope everything goes as smoothly as a move can and that you can begin making wonderful memories with your boys as soon as possible!! Love you miss you

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