Tuesday, March 25, 2008

First Easter, First Chocolate

Noah's new favorite thing is to stand at our fence which is the perfect height for him to grab onto, and to look out on the trees. The weather has finally changed to Autumn (my favorite!) so its so clear and dry and pretty, we've been hanging out outside everyday this week.

Gazing at the trees

So a family in our church gave us 3 Cadbury Chocolate eggs for Easter. One for Noah as well of course. So I put it way in front of him to make him crawl for it. His first Easter egg "hunt". I like the little smirk on his face.
He liked the sound of the aluminum and LOVED the egg, and then discovered what was inside. I've never ever given him chocolate before, but because of the occasion, I thought, why not? It's Easter....and it IS his egg right?
Yikes, big mistake! After his first bite, and his second, he cried and cried for more! (By the way I craved Cadbury chocolate when I was pregnant, he must have liked it then too!) But then 2 hours later, he wouldn't sleep his afternoon nap cause of the sugar. He's never skipped an afternoon nap. Normally I just put him down and he gets cozy and falls straight asleep. But after an hour, he was still doing this:

Everytime I'd walk in he'd be cracking up standing in his crib! He was laughing so hard! And I really really needed him to sleep cause I was having someone babysit him later that day so I could play guitar for worship during evening service. It took some convincing, and some stern voices, but he finally took a quick nap before church! :) Whew! No more chocolate for Noah!

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