Sunday, March 23, 2008

The big move

These are the amazing people who helped us move. Because of them it took us only one day to move all of our stuff into our new home! Marlene cleaned like a maniac, and Kyle & Anthony helped us drill all of our curtain rods up, while everyone else moved all of our heavy stuff into trucks and viola! We were all moved in in less than one day! Thanks guys! And Liz babysat Noah while we moved. Thank you!
And our house was still looking like a construction sight from the outside (it was a bunch of rocks and dirt with construction trash everywhere!). But thanks to a fellow believer who owns a grass farm and donated grass to us, we now have awesome grass all around our whole house! It looks amazing. Here is when they laid it....
And some photos of our house!

Kitchen. I love how much space it has.

My favorite part is the huge pantry on the right. And the new stove! The stove in the old house only boiled water on one hot plate :) And of course the red walls. It's so warm and cheery.

Looking through the kitchen into the livingroom over the counter. (Above is the lintel that divides the two rooms).

Livingroom looking out onto the patio. Clint's mom made custom made our curtains for us!

Livingroom/entrance hall standing at the TV looking down the hall and at our front door/entrance hall.

Entrance hall

Guest bathroom/shower.
I'll take photos of the back end of the house tomorrow. :)

And Noah has officially started crawling/pulling himself up on furniture. I was so excited that it happened in the new house cause the old one had so many "danger zones" I wasn't prepared for so it was ok that Noah was just army crawling. But this one is easy to childproof. His favorite thing to do in our new house is crawl over to and look out the new windows that are just his height to look out of :) He's hearing alot of "no touch!" but is quick to stop and look at me like "what, I wasn't going to touch it!" and then crawl the other way. It's so cute to see him obey.

Hangout time on our patio. The coolest part of our house is at night sitting on the patio and seeing the lights of Durban twinkle below us. Or in the day seeing the ships on the ocean. It feels like we are on holiday, but we live here! I just can't believe it yet.
We are just so grateful to the Lord for everyone who has helped make this house and move possible. Thank you!
And I am so grateful that our internet works here, yippee!


Emily Ban said...

WOW! You must be so stoked!! And to have all that help! You are blessed! I like the kitchen too! : ) I was curious, in the picture of the grass is the house in the picture your house or is the picture taken from your house and that is actually the neighbor's house?And just kind of a random thought, but is the crime there as bad as we here it is in the states? Are you guys worried about having daughters and the potential risks for them being there or is it jus as unsafe as living in LA?

Sara Mallon said...

wow!!! it's beautiful!!!!!!!!!!! you guys have the coolest house ever! :)

I'm impressed you have a shower too... that is kind of uncommon for South Africa isn't it (don't you usually have just a "bath" (said with a cool South African accent) ??).

Heather said...

That's so exciting! I love your house. It's very cozy. We didn't get our house looking that cozy yet and then we had to come back up to WA to tie up loose ends! I'm afraid I won't post pictures until April! :)

4HMom said...

Very COOL! Love your house...would love to visit! God is good!