Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Noah waves "hi" to us all the time now. He's done it for a while now, but now he initiates it. When we walk into the room, he waves "hi." He even waves "hi" to Tobi our cat. He is understanding alot more now. When I say things like "come here" or "shake your ball" or "don't touch" he totally understands and will comply. It's super cute.

Since Clint's office isn't ready yet he's been using the coffee table as a work area. Noah's fixated on his MacArthur commentary. He loves opening and closing the cover. If he sees it he can't wait to crawl over and stand just to open and close it.
Future seminarian/MacArthurite? :) Tee hee.


Lou & Amy said...

Noah is very sweet! I was just checking to see how you all are doing ; congratulations on the new house! It looks great!

Melissa said...

he is so cute! i love the waving. cael does it too and it's great to see something iniated from them showing they are starting to connect their world to yours. so fun!