Sunday, March 02, 2008

On our feet again

So after a week of being down, Noah and I are back on our feet again. We didn't go hear daddy preach today for one last day of recovery, and so we don't infect the entire church with this bug! But Noah seemed way happier today, was eating again, and I managed to actually clean up my house after a few days of doing nothing but sleep and take care of Noah. Yikes this was a difficult week, I'm glad its over! But now Granny and Grandpa were infected! Nuts! Clint's the lucky one, he still feels fine!
So Noah's been LOVING standing. He can't get there on his own if the table is too high, but once he's up, he loves it. He crys when he sits down on his bum only because....its not standing anymore.
Here's his "I'm about to be mischievous" look

And his "mischievousness" accomplished look (pulling down my table runner!)

The bath height seems to be the perfect height for him to want to stand. Now its a battle to get him to sit so I can wash his hair. But he loves it so much. He says his "happy sounds" which are these cute whispers with constantant sounds soft little "pft, ba, da, ta" in the softest voice. Its my favorite Noah language at the moment. He usually only says it when he stands in his bath. It was nice seeing tons of smiles today. You sort of forget when your child is sick that they are usually such a bundle of joy.
And this upside down daddy hug shows his top 4 teeth! Don't they look so sore?

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