Saturday, March 01, 2008

I lost....

So I'm usually one of those people who when they get a cold, treat it as if it doesn't exist. If it exists, then the cold has won, and the cold must NEVER win. I always win. If anything I'll sleep it off and take a few extra vitamins etc. but the one thing I never do is go to the doctor. In my opinion doctors are there to make money off of poor saps who have colds and who think they are in need of antibiotics...which don't actually work if you have a virus, but doctors prescribe it anyway so the patient feels like he/she has gotten their moneys worth. I've always thought that antibiotics were from the devil cause they are the ultimate doctor's lie. I've never been to the doctor for a cold in like 15 years. Really.

Well this time, the cold one. Hands down. I fought it. I pretended it didn't exist. But when you're a mom of a sick baby as well, that really doesn't work. Noah had 5 whammies at once. All in the top 10 list of baby's worst nightmare:
1. Cutting all 4 top teeth at once
2. A crazy ear infection
3. A 104 degree fever with his cold
4. A nursing strike, due to the ear infection. Everytime he came near me he cried cause it hurt to drink. He also didn't want to eat.
5. No sleep (one night he woke up every 20 minutes, naps usually were a half hour at best)

So having to take care of a little sicky guy, you forget that you should try and take care of yourself too. And today I broke down after a week of fighting, and because of my sinus infection, I had to swallow my pride and go to the doctor. What did he prescribe? Antibiotics. But he insured me its the only thing that will stop this crazy pain in my sinuses. So......I fell for it. Hopefully it works. I thought my cheeks were going to explode today from the pain! :)

I think the Lord just knocks us flat sometimes so that we remember that we are to be dependent on Him for everything!


Heather said...

I'm totally the same as you! I hate going to the doctor for antibiotics! You poor thing. I hope they help. I hate sinus infections. I've only had a few but they really were such horrible pain! Is Noah feeling better?

Melissa said...

i just started feeling better today after a whole week of both me and cael fighting one of the worst sickness both of us has had. i totally feel for you!!! if you have probiotics, you should take those. they help rebuild your immune system while you are on antibiotics. i can tell you more if you want. but i hope you feel better!!!

Amanda said...

Ha, so Jen Holmquist (do you know her, she one of my roomies) and I were laughing at your post because we both feel like we treat colds the same way. Well...for me actually mainly just% the ignoring part. When I know I have one for sure I'm the sap who goes and gets antibiotics. :0) Hope you feel 100% better soon!