Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Noah's favorite object to look at during tummy time....Tobi (our cat's) tail. Noah has just discovered Tobi really over the last month. He now reaches out to pet her, and tries to pull out her fur or tail to put it in his mouth...like everything else! Tobi always seems oblivious.

And Noah's favorite activity this month is anything to do with expectation or surprise. His absolute favorite being peek-a-boo (tons of laughs from that one!) and also expecting kisses from us:
The expectation:
Lovin noises from daddy!

And thanks for your comments regarding the monitor. I switched the frequency, so....so far the weird noises have stopped! :) *whew*

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HaysHitzeroth said...

I LOVE it when Georgie 'expects' and gets an "expectation" smile! Matt's totally missing out since he's been gone all month and she just started doing it! I can't wait for him to see it.